An extraordinary exhibition marathon NITRA 17-20.09.2020



It was an amazing weekend in NITRA (Slovakia) !!!

17.09.2020  exc.1, CAJC, Best Junior of Breed. On this day Zuzi has finished Junior Champion of Slovakia title. Judge: Zdenka Jilkova (CZ), handler: our friend brreder&handler Angelique Plesis Bobrikova

18.09.2020 exc,1 CAJC,  Best Junior.  Judge: Danijel Boros Djevi (RS) handling: Martyna Nowak

19.09.2020 exc1, CAC,CACIB, BOB!  Judge: Judit Beke (HU). On this day Zuzi has opened her way to Champion of Slovakia title. handling: Martyna Nowak

20.09.2020 exc1, CAC, ResCACIB Judge: Sergej Vanzha (SK) handling Martyna Nowak

I am very proud of our little Zuzia and her owner Kassia, who cares for her and loves her the most in the world.